Cross Over Press

Free - arm can be set in 3 positions

  • Vertical
  • 30o from Vertical (as illustrated)
  • 60o from Vertical

QHP-100AC is a larger scale version (100cm throat) of model QHP-A08 - to facilitate easier handling of large bulky products during the tape sealing process.

The unit provides a fast, simple and reliable method for application of a hot melt tape over a sewn seam or glued joint to create a waterproof product.

  • Chemical Protective Clothing

  • Marine Suits

  • Drysuits, Waders

  • Industrial Protective and High Visibility Clothing Military, Emergency Services, Public Services

  • Protective Waterproof Products Sailing, Fishing Suits, Tents, Boat Covers

Control Panel

Cylinder Arm
Interchange between Cylinder and Free arm lower rollers is made manually

QHP-100AC is a 'Twin Arm' machine featuring manually interchangeable lower Free arm and Cylinder Arm (option) systems - gives greater production versatility and easier product handling.

Upper and lower rollers are driven independently by two stepping motors - unique differential feed adjustment to prevent pucker / creasing.

Standard Equipment

  • Automatic Tape Cutting System
  • 2 stepping motors drive upper and lower rollers independently giving a unique differential feed adjustment facility
  • Touch Panel LCD Programming
  • Self Diagnostic Fault Finding LC Display
  • Nozzle adjustment with angle (+/-6o) facility
  • Skip Seal Prevention
  • Long Life 2 KW Heating Element (0~750oC)

LCD Touch Panel Programmer

LCD Touch Panel Programmer

Visual display of all machine functions

Options include

  • Motorised Tape Feeding, QHP-T20 to eliminate problems with tape tensioning and blocking on the roll
  • Silicon upper and lower Grooved Metal Roller
  • Upper Heated Metal Roller with infra red temperature monitoring system for accurate control
  • Machine programming

  • Data recording (tape consumption, no. of cycles, production time etc.)

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Password protection