Two Layer Tapes
Three Layer Tapes

We have been supplying high quality seam sealing tapes to the world market since 1985 and have long established associations with most of the world's leading laminators/suppliers of waterproof fabrics, who are recommending our products today.

Our premier reputation has been secured by providing customers with tapes that meet the following important criteria.

  • Easy to handle and apply on all types of tape sealing machine, minimizing production problems

  • Perform to the highest standard giving optimum water resistance after repeated laundering / dry cleaning

  • Remain soft and flexible after application eliminating transfer impression

  • Environmentally safe - all tapes are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified and are compliant with REACH

  • Stock / delivery service - tapes are available in a variety of colours and widths for immediate delivery from stock

Tapes for 3 Layer Fabrics

Selection of Tape by Reference to Fabric Type

Product Applications
  • Industrial Protective and High Visibility Clothing
  • Military use - Army, Navy, Air force
  • Emergency Service - Police, Medical, Ambulance, Paramedic and Fire
  • Public Services - Rail, Post Office, Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Leisure Waterproofs- Golf, Skiing, Motorcycling, Sailing, Fishing, Tents, Boat Covers
  • Marine Suits - Wetsuits, Dry Suits, Waders etc
  • Footwear - Boot and Shoe Sock Liners
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Chemical Protective Clothing

Technical Service

Experienced technical staff are available to assist you (without obligation) with tape selection. Just provide us with a sample of your fabric and we will return this to you together with our tape recommendation, supported by -

  • Chart detailing machine settings.
  • Results of hydrostatic head tests both before and after washing / dry cleaning (as appropriate).
  • Sample sewn seams (cross-over) with tape applied illustrating the results, ready for local testing.
  • Rolls of tape for in factory evaluation.


For More information contact us by email : info@wbm-uk.com